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PGTEI (PG TEI) = Project Gutenberg's draft/proposed XML vocabulary based on the Text Encoding Initiative

Here's a (very rough) quick reference to (part of) PGTEI, including a (not complete) comparison with XHTML. In many cases, the full meaning, scope or usage of the tag and/or attribute differs between the two vocabularies, but I think an approximate equivalence is still informative. There may be errors! If you spot any, please let me know. Identical tags (though perhaps with different attributes) include: p, div.

PGTEI XHTML notes reference
rend=left, right, center align=left, right, center 4.1
rend=display blockquote "This block has wider margins" 4.1
rend=verbatim pre or style=white-space: pre 4.1
??? 4.1
float=h, t, b, p ??? 4.1
part=I, M, F ??? 4.3
     m-space is wider than nbsp though probably not twice as wide 4.3
sp speech 4.3
speaker 4.3
lb br 5
emph em emphasis (often italics) 6.1
hi span highlight 6.1
q rend=display,
pre, post, none
" or the literal character Q: is there a way to indicate single vs. double or curly vs. straight? 6.2
foreign lang= 6.3
note place=
foot, end, margin
note resp= responsibility 7
ref target= a href= for internal links 8.1
anchor id= a name= 8.1
xref url= a href= for external links 8.2
name generally for a person? 11.1
rs referring string (generally for a place or thing?) 11.1
list ul or ol 12
p table table must enclose table in p 14
figure url=
img href=
figDesc may contain markup; alt cannot 15
eg example, a block level element 17.1
formula may contain TEX or NROFF code 17.1
divGen generated divisions 17.2
index=toc, pdf, pdb defaults to contents of the next head 17.2

6.1: For inline elements such as hi, rend supports: italic, bold, ul (underline), sc (small caps), sup (superscript), sub (subscript), expanded, strike, smaller, small, large, larger, code (monospace).

17.2: divGen type= supports the following: titlepage, colophon (titled "Credits"), toc (titled "Contents"), pgheader, pgfooter, footnotes.

General notes: the documentation suggests using FIXME in a comment to mark items that should be reviewed later.


Posted Oct. 28, 2004

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